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What is the Research and Practice Clinic?

The Research and Practice Clinic is designed to be a unique experiential learning opportunity for our students interested in gaining hands-on exposure to contemporary issues in regulation and governance through external partnerships across Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region. The Research and Practice Clinic will be composed primarily of students enrolled in the Master of Regulation and Governance delivered by RegNet. Participation will also be invited from post-graduate students enrolled in targeted programs across the ANU  commensurate with RegNet’s post-graduate offerings. Over the course of the Clinic, our Fellows will participate in academic and applied skills development sessions.

What types of projects will the Research and Practice Clinic address?

RegNet is renowned for its paradigm-shifting conceptualisations of regulation and governance. Our research investigates the perspectives of a variety of institutions and actors, at multiple scales, that are involved in steering the flow of events; the laws and formal rules as well as the informal norms, values, practices and structures that guide behaviour; across a range of areas including but not limited to climate change, conflict and injustice, digital transformation, geopolitical contestation, and growing inequalities. Project proposals should have a sufficiently targeted question and defined boundaries to allow completion in 12 weeks.

We offer the following formats for project proposals:

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Regulation and Governance Forecast:

This type of project will investigate the implications of a new governance measure (e.g., law, treaty, regulation, policy, standard etc.) for your work. Your proposal should identify the measure — or part of the measure — you are interested in learning more about, and the specific outcome(s) of interest. Clinic Fellows will draw on interdisciplinary methods (e.g., impact assessment, legal analysis, trend analysis, etc.) to build a theory and evidence-informed projection.

Regulation and Governance Architecture:

This type of project will investigate ‘who’s who’ in your regulatory and governance ‘zoo’. Your proposal should outline a combination of factors that will help construct the boundaries of a manageable field of actors for exploration: the object of the regulation and governance, types of actors of interest, geographies of interest, etc. Clinic Fellows will draw on interdisciplinary methods (e.g., actor mapping, actor analysis) to build an evidence-informed analysis of key actors, roles, and interests.

Regulation and Governance Theory in Practice:

This type of project will investigate how contemporary theories in regulation and governance would guide best practice in your work. Your proposal should outline the function or activity you are engaged in, or the outcome you are interested in, that you would like a theory-informed perspective on (e.g., building trust, multi-stakeholder collaboration). Clinic Fellows will select from a range of interdisciplinary theories in the field of regulation and governance to produce an analysis of how key principles of the theory would inform relevant policies and practices for desired outcomes.

What will you receive as a partner?

  • A 3,000-word research report that meets the objectives set out in project types outlined above
  • An online interactive and shareable output based on the research report using the Microsoft Sway digital storytelling app

What do we need from you?

  • A 1-hour consultation with the Clinic Fellows at the start of the clinic (early August 2023) to meet your team and build clarity on the project proposal
  • A 1-hour session with the Clinic Fellows at the end of the clinic (early/mid-October 2023) for the team to present the findings and an opportunity for question and answer
  • Completion of a brief assessment form (mid-October 2023)

What to do if you are interested?

If you are interested in registering a project proposal with the Clinic please visit 

You are welcome to register more than one project. The number of partners in any given year of the Clinic will be commensurate with student enrolment. If we have sufficient Fellows enrolled to complete your project, we will notify your identified contact by mid-July and schedule a project consultation for early August. If we do not have capacity to support your project in the 2023 Clinic, we will touch base next year to confirm if you are still interested in partnership and your project (or a modification) will be prioritised for the 2024 Clinic.

2022 Partner

Health Justice Australia (HJA)

HJA is the national centre of excellence for health justice partnership, supporting collaborations between services to achieve better health and justice outcomes for vulnerable communities. HJA supports the expansion and effectiveness of health justice partnerships through: developing evidence and translating that evidence into knowledge that is valued by practitioners, researchers, policy-makers and funders; supporting practitioners to work collaboratively, including through brokering, mentoring and facilitating partnerships; connecting the experience of people coming through health justice partnerships, and their practitioners, with opportunities for lasting systems change through reforms to policy settings, service design and funding. 

Windmills with project name_RegNet

People across Australia face complex and intersecting problems that affect their health. Many, particularly among populations subjected to multiple socioeconomic disadvantages, require assistance that doesn’t necessarily fit into separate boxes for health, legal and other services. For example, issues pertaining to family violence, poor quality housing, mental health or financial debt. These problems traverse legal and health systems and require integrated solutions. Yet, our existing systems are structured in a way that approaches problems as though they are isolated and distinct.


Read the latest paper on Health Justice Australia, written by RegNet scholars.

Previous partners and projects

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