Kate Henne

Professor Kathryn (Kate) Henne is the Director of the School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet), and leads the School's Justice and Technoscience Lab (JusTech). She is also a Chief Investigator on the ANU Humanising Machine Intelligence Grand Challenge project. Her research is concerned with how science and technology influence approaches to regulation and governance, with a focus on understanding the implications for health, public safety and well-being. 

RegNet has a lively Visitors Program that provides an intellectually stimulating environment for scholars and practitioners alike. We welcome academics, policymakers, practitioners and civil society representatives to join us and spend time in the School to work on projects and activities that accord with our areas of interest and expertise.

Find more information about our visitors program here or download the visitor application form here.

Walter Johnson

Walter Johnson

Walter’s research examines the law, policy, and politics of governing current and emerging technologies with the overarching goal of promoting health, safety, and equity. His current thesis project explores the sociolegal and political dynamics of the emerging system of global governance forming around neurotechnologies. 

E: walter.johnson@anu.edu.au
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