Valerie Braithwaite and project team awarded funding to raise public awareness of child sexual abuse through digital storytelling

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Arlynn Aquina EU/ECHO

RegNet’s Emeritus Professor Valeria Braithwaite alongside project lead Associate Professor Katie Wright (La Trobe University), Sari Braithwaite (La Trobe University), Dr Danny Taggart (University of Essex) and Emeritus Professor Shurlee Swain (Australian Catholic University) have received funding from the National Centre for Action on Child Sexual Abuse for their project, Creating safer futures: raising public awareness of child sexual abuse among young adults through digital storytelling.

The project investigates how people can be encouraged to engage with difficult topics when the urge is to turn away. Its aim is to identify a new approach to raising awareness among young adults about child sexual abuse by creating a storytelling prototype suited to the digital media age. The key objective is to find novel ways of having difficult conversations about child sexual abuse as a preventative strategy, a tool of de-stigmatisation, and as a way of supporting victims and survivors and recognising their valuable contributions to child safety.

Find out more about the project here.