Book launch - Climate Change and the Health of Nations

Image credit: Professor Tony McMichael (RegNet)
Image credit: Professor Tony McMichael (RegNet)

Friends of RegNet,

Leading epidemiologist and close friend of RegNet, Professor Tony McMichael died unexpectedly in 2014 as he was putting the finishing touches to his masterful book Climate Change and the Health of Nations which will be launched on February 7.

The book examines the historical record and finds the health of humans is exquisitely sensitive to sudden changes in the world’s climate system. For this reason, he argues, we must take very seriously the realities of a warming world, including more deaths from extreme weather events, more infectious diseases, and increasing risks particularly to vulnerable populations including the poor and children.

We have a number of connections with Tony here at RegNet; Judith Healy, RegNet Honorary A/Professor was Tony’s partner and Tony was an inspiring colleague and mentor of mine at the National Centre for Epidemiology and Public Health (NCEPH) for many years.

After Tony’s death, with the help of former colleagues Professor Alistair Woodward (University of Auckland), and Dr Cameron Muir (ANU), Judith has, heroically, seen his book to completion. Together with Judith, I would like to invite the broader RegNet network to the launch of Tony’s final bookClimate Change and the Health of the Nations.

Sharon Friel
Director, RegNet