Australia has been described as a beacon and haven where Money Laundering (ML) thrives: so, how can Australia improve ML prevention?

Criminals who generate profits from illegal activities have used Australian banks, casinos, and real-estate to conceal the illicit origin of the money and integrate it into the legitimate economy. Although the current Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regime evidently works to detect and disrupt cases of ML, it maintains a few limitations which allow the crime to continue occurring in Australia.

This thesis argues that ML in Australia can be better prevented with changes to the AML regime which directly address the ML activities observed to occur frequently in this study. Extension of AML regulation to currently uncovered entities – such as real-estate and lawyers – is an important amendment to identify ML which frequently occurs through activities such as professional services or purchase of high-value goods.

This seminar is Nada's final presentation of her doctoral candidature.

About the speaker

Nada Jevtovic is a second-generation Australian with Serbian-Greek heritage. Her passion for crime prevention and criminological research stems from a deep gratitude of the life her family has enjoyed since fleeing war in Europe a few generations ago. She takes pride in giving back to Australia and the community with her work and research.

After completing her Bachelor and Master degrees in Criminology at ANU, Nada began working as a Forensic Consultant supporting Australian government and private entities with Anti-money laundering and anti-corruption efforts. She is currently completing her Doctorate at the ANU. In her downtime she enjoys being with family and spending many hours at the driving range.

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Tue, 9 Apr 2024, 12:30 - 1:30pm

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