In this mid-term doctoral candidature presentation, Walter explores the social and political dynamics of the emerging system of global governance for neurotechnologies.

Neurotechnologies are a set of technologies which can interact with the brain, spine, or peripheral nerves in various ways. Over about the last five years, ethical and policy issues around neurotechnologies have become the subject of significant global discussions, even in the absence of an organised social movement or acute scandal.

Drawing on the nodal governance and ecology literatures, this presentation explores the social and political dynamics involved in opening a ‘de novo’ space of global governance around neurotechnologies. In doing so, preliminary findings will be reported from data collected from interviews, participant observation, and archival research.

This seminar is Walter’s mid-term doctoral candidature presentation.

About the speaker

Walter G. Johnson is a PhD scholar at RegNet. Prior to joining RegNet, he completed a JD and research fellowship at Arizona State University focusing on analysing the ethical, social, and legal aspects of emerging technologies including mitochondrial donation.

Walter’s research examines the law, policy, and politics of governing current and emerging technologies with the overarching goal of promoting health, safety, and equity. His current thesis project explores the sociolegal and political dynamics of the emerging system of global governance forming around neurotechnologies.

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Image credit: Abstract illustration of human brain, face and radiating waves by geralt on pixabay, free to use under pixabay licence.

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Thu, 19 Oct 2023, 3:30 - 4:30pm

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