RegNet is home to world renowned researchers and regulatory practitioners who have produced ground breaking and data-informed ideas that drive much of the contemporary regulatory governance in Australia, Asia, the Pacific and globally. We offer a suite of postgraduate programs designed to give students the opportunity to connect with current regulatory thinking and experiments in regulatory governance through real world examples throughout Australia and the region. 

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Master of Regulation and Governance

Master of Regulation and Governance (MREGG)

The MREGG is a unique degree that equips students and their organisations with the knowledge and skills to navigate environments where complexity, catastrophic risk, and transformative technologies are reshaping the ways in which we govern and regulate. 

Graduate Certificate of Regulation and Governance


Graduate Certificate of Regulation and Governance (CREGO)

The CREGO provides regulators and professionals who work with regulatory stakeholders with a better understanding and the tools necessary to better navigate new forms of complexity, risk and technology that are shaping the current regulatory environment.

Master of Technology Governance

Master of Technology Governance (MTEGO)

The MTEGO is a transdisciplinary training experience that accommodates interests in various technology sectors and emphasises a stimulating curriculum of master classes with distinguished practitioners, global networks and multiple career pathways in Australia and overseas.

Graduate Certificate of Technology Governance


Graduate Certificate of Technology Governance (CTEGO)

The CTEGO is designed for students seeking to start or advance their careers in data governance, digital transformation and technological change. It provides skills that are transferable to legislative and regulatory affairs, policy design and analysis, industry, civil society and advocacy.

Graduate Certificate of Crime, Risk and Resilience

Graduate Certificate of Crime, Risk and Resilience (CCRR)

Combatting harmful and illicit activities in the face of disruptions, crises, and poly-crises requires innovative and holistic strategies for conceptualising and addressing crime, risk and resilience and the CCRR has been developed with this purpose in mind.

Specialisation in Contemporary Regulation



Specialisation in Contemporary Regulation

The Master of Public Policy Specialisation in Contemporary Regulation introduces students to the theory and practice of regulation and governance, providing tools that can be used to understand governance problems and to develop adaptive and effective responses at a local, national and global level. Students complete four courses which provide a solid foundation in the concepts, processes, institutions and practices of regulation and governance, while the elective courses allow them to apply those ideas to a range of domains, including disruptive technology, global business regulation, restorative justice, and climate and health policy.