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The Governing Energy Transitions (GET) Lab at the Australian National University is a home for researchers, policymakers and advocates seeking to advance the politics and governance of a clean energy transition. Global in focus and interdisciplinary in practice, its members’ research and teaching is driven by a desire to improve our understanding of the political and governance barriers to decarbonising our society. With scholars from across the social sciences, including political science, international relations, sociology, economics and law, our aim is to develop new strategies that address the complex governance challenges of the energy transition.

GET Lab is directed by Associate Professor Christian Downie.

Members also pursue projects across a range of related topics, including trade, intellectual property, international standards, Indigenous land and resource management, forestry, sub-national energy governance, and energy justice among others.

This work has been funded by the Australian Government, the Australian Research Council, business organizations, and philanthropic foundations.

Members of the lab meet regularly to discuss research and policy ideas and explore the latest research. If you are interested in participating, please contact Christian Downie (

Hero image by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash