Submission congratulations!

Image: Shane Chalmers (left) and Dr. Jeremy Farrall (right)
Image: Shane Chalmers (left) and Dr. Jeremy Farrall (right)

The Centre for International Governance and Justice and RegNet warmly congratulates PhD scholar Shane Chalmers on the submission of his thesis, entitled ‘Law’s rule – Liberia and the rule of law’.

The basis of Shane’s thesis was the challenge set down by Desmond Manderson in Kangaroo Courts and the Rule of Law: to take seriously the contradiction in the rule of law as its animating condition.

By definition ‘the rule of law’ is opposed to ‘the rule of humans’; and yet law remains an inter-subjective phenomenon, enlivened by the very humans over whom it would rule. Thus the rule of law, set against the rule of humans, cannot be instituted in a way that finally separates law from its subjects.

With Theodor Adorno’s negative-dialectical philosophy as intellectual guide, and based on fieldwork carried out in Liberia and the United States, the thesis examined how ideologies — above all capitalism — inform the rule of law, and how the rule of law provides a medium for them to take place.

Shane is now taking a well earned hiking break.