New Professional Regulator program fills the gap in training for regulators

Blue and Green Symbol of National Regulators Community of Practice

Regulators across Australia will have an accessible, high-quality way to lift their skills and professional knowledge with the launch of the Professional Regulator program, a partnership between the National Regulators Community of Practice, the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) and the ANU School of Regulation and Global Governance.

The program provides professional development for regulators, regardless of regulatory sphere or jurisdiction, that results in a common foundation of current, modern regulatory practice, increasing the professionalism and capacity of regulators around Australia.

The program has been designed with input from regulators across jurisdictions and focuses on the common challenges faced by regulators. After a recently completed pilot of the Foundation course involving 100 regulators, which has helped fine-tune content and delivery, expressions of interest are now open for the full program starting in July.

RegNet Director Kate Henne is thrilled to partner with NRCoP and ANZSOG to deliver the new and important program.

“RegNet colleagues have really enjoyed the opportunity to co-develop this meaningful learning opportunity. Working with NRCoP experts has enabled us to create an innovative program that harnesses valuable academic and professional insights for application in real-world contexts. I am excited to see how The Professional Regulator will not only enrich NRCoP, ANZSOG and RegNet’s existing activities, but also enhance the capacity of regulators to think, learn and lead with integrity and wisdom.”

Find out more and hear what participants are saying about the program here.