ARC grant awarded for ANU-led Industrial Transformation Training Centre for Radiation Innovation.


Congratulations to Veronica Taylor for her success in The Australian Research Council (ARC) Industrial Transformation Training Centres Scheme. The Centre aims to address nuclear and radiation research topics related to mining, medicine, space, defence and other government priorities. The project is led by Professor Mahananda Dasgupta and includes academics from Nuclear Physics and Accelerator Applications, RegNet and The Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (CPAS).

The ARC awarded eight new ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centres and five new ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hubs to mentor and train Australia’s next generation of research professionals, and to support partnerships between universities and industry that will generate real-world outcomes that are vital to Australia’s economic growth.

Project summary
This Centre aims to train the next generation of transdisciplinary leaders to enable, grow and transform industries that utilise or are impacted by radiation. Rapid growth in the natural resources, health, space and national security sectors urgently requires a highly capable workforce with scientific and regulatory knowledge to develop new technologies and social licence needs to maximise benefits. Outcomes include new methods of radiopharmaceutical production, more resilient spacecraft and robust regulatory frameworks. Industries and communities will benefit from a future workforce prepared for safe adoption, development and delivery of emerging techniques and advanced radiation technologies, enhancing Australia’s prosperity and security.

Click here for the Media Release from the Australian Research Council.