Anthea Roberts named International Law research leader by The Australian Research Magazine

Anthea Roberts

We are delighted to announce that Professor Anthea Roberts has been named top researcher in the field of International Law by The Australian Research Magazine 2023.

This prestigious nomination is awarded to researchers with the highest citation on papers published in the top 20 journals in their field over the past five years. This measure indicates both quality and impact in the research field.

Professor Roberts is the Director of the ANU Centre for International Governance and Justice (CIGJ) at RegNet, which she describes as a vibrant community of scholars dedicated to the study of complex and interconnected 21st century challenges.

“Things in international law and policy making are changing fast. Economics is colliding with security and both are colliding with the climate change and the need for a clean energy transition. Our old mental models are not up to managing our existing and future challenges,” explains Roberts. She continues:

“I am currently working with colleagues at RegNet, College of Asia and the Pacific, College of Law and the Geoeconomics Working Group on new ways of understanding and responding to this complexity in policy making, including through the development of a new Risk, Reward and Resilience Framework. It is an exciting—if turbulent—time to be doing this sort of interdisciplinary and integrative work.”

CIGJ was established by Professor Hilary Charlesworth, who is now a Judge at the International Court of Justice. Speaking of her appointment as Director of CIGJ in 2022, Roberts explains: “I was delighted to take up the position because Judge Charlesworth has been a long time mentor to me—since my days as an undergraduate at the ANU College of Law—so I hope to continue her legacy by exploring new developments in the field.”

In this vein, CIGJ will be partnering with the ANU Centre for International and Public Law in 2023 to host more seminars and workshops on cutting-edge developments in global governance and international law.

RegNet is proud to see that Professor Roberts’ crucial research is being properly acknowledged through such a significant award. Congratulations Professor Roberts!