Exploring the parameters of systemic risk through the climate crisis and financial meltdown


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Risks to financial and climate stability can be analysed independently yet also understood as tightly related. As systemic risks both are geographically dispersed, embedded within broader benefits and tightly coupled with both related and seemingly unrelated risks. The project analyses how systemic risks pose particular challenges by sapping political motivation and defying control efforts. Progress falters in part because the geographic reach and legal complexity of control regimes increase possibilities for strategic gaming of government attempts to bring such risks under control by regulated industries. Further, systemic risks to climate and financial stability point to the potential limits of instrumentalism. If uncoupling economic growth from rising carbon emissions proves impossible one must confront the possibility of a third inter-related risk: the potential for deep and entrenched social conflict.


Haines, Fiona (2012) ‘The Lure of the Market in Tackling Global Warming’ in Tom Measham and Stewart Lockie (eds.) Risk and Social Theory in Environmental Management, CSIRO Publishing, Ch 4, pp. 41-51.

Image: Honorary Professor Fiona Haines (RegNet)

Professor Fiona Haines

Dr Fiona Haines is Professor of Criminology in the School of Social and Political Sciences, Honorary Professor at RegNet in the College of Asia and Pacific at ANU and...

Climate, energy & the environment cluster

Climate, energy and the environment

This cluster has four broad regulatory and governance research themes: identifying obstacles and options for effective energy governance; analysing state and private governance mechanisms for mitigating climate change; examining the opportunities and constraints of the green economy in transforming infrastructure and urban development; and exploring creative regulatory solutions to transnational environmental problems.

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