Community capacity building in child protection

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Capacity building is a key goal for child protection services. Child protection workers need to build the capacity of parents to care for their children, the capacity of communities to support families, and the capacity of young people to look after themselves. However, these aims are often undermined by a range of factors including increasing caseloads and emphasis on risk assesment and child protection laws in child protection agencies; difficulties building trust relationships in the context of interventions; limited understanding of the extent of problems; and contested ideas over what is considered acceptable parenting.

The overall objective of this project is to demonstrate how safety for children can be improved and care capacity in the child’s local community can be more effectively harnessed through a responsive regulatory approach. Originally funded through an ARC linkage grant awarded in 2006, further information is available on the project website.

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Valerie Braithwaite

Valerie Braithwaite is an interdisciplinary social scientist with a disciplinary background in psychology. She has taught in social and clinical psychology programs at undergraduate and graduate...

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Dr Deb Cleland

Dr Deborah (Deb) Cleland is the lead advisor for a Greens MLA in the ACT Parliament, providing strategic advice across offices on the portfolios...


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Sharynne Hamilton began working at RegNet in 2010, when she became the ANU’s first Indigenous Intern.  As an undergraduate student, Sharynne worked with RegNet’s...

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Dr Nathan Harris

Dr Nathan Harris is a Clinical Psychologist. Previously he has held appointments as a Lecturer at the Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge, and a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the...

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The Society, Safety and Health cluster has four research themes:

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