Toward a Geoeconomic Order

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Anthea Roberts
Henrique Choer Moraes
Victor Ferguson

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Journal article

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Recent developments suggest that the international economic order is transitioning away from the post-Cold War Neoliberal Order toward a new Geoeconomic Order. The shift to this new order, which is characterised by a growing ‘securitisation of economic policy and economisation of strategic policy,’ will likely see the rules, norms and institutions of international trade and investment law undergo significant change. We expose the differences in the underlying logic of these orders, explore how this shift is being driven by the emerging U.S.-China tech/trade war, and consider the consequences of this transition for global economic governance.

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Roberts, Anthea and Choer Moraes, Henrique and Ferguson, Victor, Toward a Geoeconomic Order (May 16, 2019). 22 Journal of International Economic Law 4 (2019), p. 655-676, Available at SSRN: or

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