21st-century capitalism: structural challenges for universal health care

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Suan K. Sell

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Opinion piece

The structural perspective outlined here sheds light on some of the fundamental challenges involved in achieving Universal Health Care (UHC) in this twenty-first-century era of trade and financialized capitalism. This commentary explores connections between the structure of twenty-first-century capitalism and challenges to achieving UHC,discussing three features of today’s capitalism: financialized capitalism; trade, intangibles and global value chains;and inequality (as exacerbated by the first two features). The final section discusses the various opportunities for reform to facilitate UHC—from tinkering with the status quo, to deeper regulatory reform and fundamental structural change.

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Sell, S.K. 21st-century capitalism: structural challenges for universal health care. The Political Origins of Health Inequities and Universal Health Coverage Oslo, Norway. 2018

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