Australia’s Position on Patents and Medicines Policy in Global Forums: The Need for Greater Transparency and Accountability

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Belinda Townsend
Löfgren, H.
Gleeson, D.
Legge, D.

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Journal article

Universal access to affordable medicines, which are safe, efficacious and of high quality, and which are appropriately used, depends on national legislation that is in turn constrained by a range of international agreements. This regulatory configuration also affects the profitability of the pharmaceutical industry, domestic and international. Tensions and contradictions between industry profitability and public health objectives relate to access, innovation and regulation.

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Legge,DG, Gleeson,DH, Lofgren,H and Townsend,B 2014, Australia’s position on medicines policy in international forums: Intellectual property protection and public health, Journal of Australian political economy, no. 73, pp. 103-131.

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