The how: a message for the UN high-level meeting on NCDs

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Sharon Friel

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Journal article

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This September’s UN General Assembly high-level meeting (HLM) on non-communicable diseases (NCDs) provides a strategic opportunity to propel the response—from “where do we want to be” to “how do we get there”. The WHO Independent High-Level Commission on NCDs1 made a number of solid proposals to inform HLM negotiations. These include a call for governments to enhance regulatory frameworks to protect health, for example, through a code on the marketing of some health–harming products and a full–cost accounting of these products. The draft of the HLM’s political declaration prioritises universal health coverage, including affordable treatment, and promotion of mental health but falls short on the primary prevention of NCDs and promoting healthy societies as per Agenda 2030.2 The transition from health-harming to health-enhancing products and processes requires action across multiple sectors and strengthened public institutions. We propose an agenda for member state HLM negotiators

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