Extending the paradigm: a policy framework for healthy and equitable eating (HE2)

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Melanie Pescud, Sharon Friel
Amanda Lee, Gary Sacks, Elizabeth Meertens, Rob Carter
Megan Cobcroft, Elizabeth Munn, Joanne Greenfield

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Journal article

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The current short communication aimed to provide a new conceptualisation of the policy drivers of inequities in healthy eating and to make a call to action to begin populating this framework with evidence of actions that can be taken to reduce the inequities in healthy eating.

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Pescud, M., Friel, S., Lee, A., Sacks, G., Meertens, E., Carter, R., … Greenfield, J. (2018). Extending the paradigm: A policy framework for healthy and equitable eating (HE2). Public Health Nutrition, 21(18), 3477-3481. doi:10.1017/S1368980018002082

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