The Global Syndemic of Obesity, Undernutrition and Climate Change: The Lancet Commission Report

The Lancet Report_ 27 January 2019

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The Lancet Commission on Obesity
Sharon Friel

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The Lancet Report_ 27 January 2019

The Report of the Lancet Commission on Obesity demonstrates that the pandemics of obesity, undernutrition, and climate change represent the paramount challenge for humans, the environment and our planet. As we describe below, these interacting pandemics represent The Global Syndemic with common, underlying drivers in the food, transport, urban design, and land use systems. Strong and concerted efforts are required by multiple actors to implement double-duty and triple-duty actions to address the systems that drive The Global Syndemic. These synergistic actions will be essential to achieve planetary health, which we define as the health and wellbeing of humans and the natural environments we depend on.

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