Rituals of Human Rights Workshop Working Paper No 1 - Introduction

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Authers, Benjamin
Charlesworth, Hilary
Dembour, Marie-Benedicte
Larking, Emma

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Working paper

This paper was delivered at ‘The Rituals of Human Rights’ Workshop, held at the Australian National University on 25-27 June 2014 and convened under the auspices of Professor Hilary Charlesworth’s ARC Laureate Fellowship: ‘Strengthening the International Human Rights System: Rights, Regulation, Ritualism’. The papers were revised following the workshop but remain working drafts.

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Authers, Benjamin, Charlesworth, Hilary, Dembour, Marie-Benedicte, Larking, Emma, ‘The Rituals of Human Rights’, Introduction to ‘The Rituals of Human Rights’ Workshop, Centre for International Governance and Justice, RegNet, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, 25-27 June 2014.

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