Submission to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

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Edelman, Meredeth
Hamilton, Sharynne

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Government and community sector reports

Having closely followed the Royal Commission’s efforts, including reviewing the submissions made to the Royal Commission following the call for public submissions on Redresss and other topics, we read the Consultation Paper with great interest. Generally the Consultation Paper does an excellent job of highlighting relevant issues in thinking through a potential redress scheme, identifying potential issues for survivors and institutions, and detailing the practical concerns that any potential scheme must work through. We have decided to respond to the Consultation Paper after many serious discussion, and will focus on the following areas of concern: 1) how ‘redress’ should be defined and understood; 2) the benefits of a national scheme as opposed to a state-level or institution-led scheme; 3) the relationship between redress and civil litigation; and 4) specific reccommendations for program structure.

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