Regulating quality and safety of healthy and social care: international experiences

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Schweppenstedde, D
Hinrichs, S
Ogbu, UC
Scheider, EC
Kringos, DS
Klazinga, NS
Healy, J
Vuorenkoski, L
Busse, R
Guerin, B
Pitchforth, E
Nolte, E

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Working paper

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Schweppenstedde, D, Hinrichs, S, Ogbu, UC, Scheider, EC, Kringos, DS, Klazinga, NS, Healy, J, Vuorenkoski, L, Busse, R, Guerin, B, Pitchforth, E, Nolte E (2014) Regulating quality and safety of health and social care: international experiences. Technical paper, Rand Europe.

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