Death of patents

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Drahos, Peter

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National patent systems have stopped serving the ideal of public benefit. Instead the world is moving towards a universal patent system that will only make a few rich countries even richer. The various chapters in this book, written by leading scholars in the field, show how national patent systems have been compromised. Doctrinal developments in patent law no longer square with the public good.The requirement of inventiveness in patent law no longer complements what we know about creativity and may in fact stand in the way of inventiveness and innovation. The standard moral justifications for the patent system that we now have simply do not work. The erosion of national sovereignty over the setting of patent standards means that increasingly most nation states will be hampered in their use of patents as a tool of industry policy.Death of Patent System details these and other changes in national patent systems.

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Drahos, Peter, 2005. Death of patents. Oxton:Lawtext Publishing.

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