OHS regulation for a changing world of work

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Bluff, Elizabeth
Gunningham, Neil
Johnstone, Richard

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This volume assesses the legacy of the Robens Report, the intellectual foundation of modern OHS law and practice in Australia and many other countries, following the Report’s 30th anniversary.The authors confront the challenges facing OHS regulators and stakeholders in a new and different world dominated by service industries and globalisation rather than manufacturing industries and protection. They explore new models of OHS regulation that take account of gaps and deficiencies in the current arrangements.The authors bring international expertise from the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Scandinavia as well as Australia. They focus on the kinds of regulatory strategies, including both OHS law and enforcement policy, that are most likely to produce good OHS outcomes in this changing world of work.

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Bluff, Elizabeth , Neil Gunningham, Richard Johnstone, 2004. OHS regulation for a changing world of work. Sydney: Federation Press.

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