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Greed putting food couriers at risk, researchers warn

The recent deaths of several food delivery couriers in Australia have highlighted a lack of regulation in the industry where companies are putting profits ahead of people.

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Where privacy meets power: questions of data & racial inequality

Data are often understood as self-evident reflections of the world, even though there is growing evidence of how data-driven practices can have racially discriminatory outcomes.

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The Justice and Technoscience Lab (JusTech) supports research that enhances the governance of science and technology.

Founded by Professor Kate Henne, JusTech works to ensure that emerging and disruptive technologies are not only accessible and secure, but also regulated appropriately. Its goal is to advance knowledge that can be used to counteract harmful effects of innovation and to promote more equitable social outcomes. It brings together experts from different backgrounds to understand how power asymmetries affect technoscience in practice. In addition to members affiliated with RegNet, the lab maintains partnerships with scholars based at ANU, other Australian research organisations and overseas institutions.

Lab members have carried out studies across a variety of domains, including crime control, development, health, humanitarian aid, internet governance, sport and welfare provision. Their ongoing work spans sites in Australasia, the Middle East, North America, the Pacific, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

JusTech’s current initiatives promote:

  • Partnerships for the Governance and Regulation of Wellbeing, Technoscience and Health (GRoWTH), which provide critical insights into how technoscience is changing understandings of wellbeing and the systems that govern health; and

  • Surveillance and Technologies of Policing (SToP) Projects, which study the effects of augmenting surveillance technologies as tools for policing individuals and groups.

Individual projects trace developments in algorithmic regulation, artificial intelligence applications, biotechnology, climate finance, data economies, digital health, platform governance, regulatory science and technology, transborder mobility and urban infrastructure.

JusTech is committed to providing robust student training and professional development. The lab facilitates hands-on workshops, reading groups and outreach activities, and delivers two ANU courses, Contemporary Issues in Technology Governance (REGN8014) and Regulating Disruptive Technologies (REGN8049).

ANU and Australian collaborators:

International collaborators:

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JusTech comprises academic staff from RegNet, including postdoctoral fellows and postgraduate students, and faculty members in other schools and institutions.

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