Degree structure

A PhD normally takes between three to four years full-time or up to eight years part-time. Students are required to submit a thesis of up to 100,000 words that makes a substantial contribution to the relevant scholarly literature and demonstrates how their research relates to their discipline. PhDs by publication are also possible, but require consultation and approval by your primary supervisor.

The Master of Philosophy award will take between one and two years of full-time research to complete. It can also be completed as a part-time degree. This award is conducted in English and is delivered principally on the basis of a research thesis comprising of original written work, most typically limited to 60,000 words.

PhD students are also required to take 18 units of formal coursework. In semester 1, students complete Regulation and Governance (REGN 9052) and Governance and Social Theory (REGN 9053). In semester 2, students complete Methods in Regulation and Governance (REGN 9076). In addition, students can participate in a suite of workshops to facilitate their research.

Admission Criteria

Requirements for admission to a Doctor of Philosophy degree

  • An Australian bachelor’s degree with at least second-class honours (Upper first-class honours may is required by some programs) or the international equivalent, or

  • Another degree with a significant research/thesis component, or

  • A combination of qualifications, research publications and/or professional experience related to your field of study

All applicants must meet the University’s English Language Admission Requirements for Students.