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Raymond Gao

Raymond is a PHD scholar focusing on transnational data governance (cross-border personal data flows), investment law and international arbitration, trade law and geoeconomics, and comparative information privacy. His scholarship has been published in Columbia Journal of Transnational Law, Asian Journal of WTO & International Health Law and Policy, Tsinghua China Law Review, among others.

Prior to joining RegNet, Raymond worked at an international law firm and an international arbitration institution respectively in Hong Kong. When working as an arbitration counsel, he served as the secretary for arbitral tribunals, managed international arbitration proceedings, and wrote extensively on international commercial and investment arbitration. In his capacity as a corporate counsel, he routinely worked on cross-border corporate transactions, particularly matters concerning regulatory approval of CFIUS and antitrust review of EU authorities for M&A, as well as equity and corporate bonds offerings.

Once a scholar of US-Asia Law Institute, he researched on due process issues of Chinese Anti-Trust Law enforcement, and Sino-Japan Sovereign Dispute over Diaoyu-tai (Senkaku) Islands. He also worked with an independent NGO on the Philippine-China South China Sea Arbitration, focusing on China’s arbitration strategy and the international law and diplomacy ramifications. In addition, he worked with an international organization on international investment law and policy concerning mining contracts between transnational companies and developing countries.

Research Interests:

  • International Economic Law and Governance (Investment and Trade Law)
  • Transnational Data Flow
  • Geoeconomics
  • International Dispute Resolution
  • Comparative Information Privacy

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