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Naing Ko Ko

Naing has worked on the Thai-Burma border in the areas of political reforms including democracy, human rights, national reconciliation and economic development. For more than 10 years, he collaborated with the UN agencies, state and non-state-activists and intellectuals. His advocacy work with exiled Burmese political coalitions took him all around the world to meet with key global decision makers. He was an intern of the European Parliament and has been promoting democracy and national reconciliation for Burma on the global stage. New Zealand accepted Naing as a UN-sponsored refugee in 2007.

Naing was awarded Human Rights Defender Award by Amnesty International-New Zealand in 2010. Naing holds BA (Hon.) in Philosophy, Politics and Economics-PPE; an M.A in IR from the University of Auckland and an M.A in International Studies from the University of Queensland.

Naing’s applied field experience took him to the Australia Parliament to work with Ms. Janelle Saffin, a Federal Member of Parliament of Australia, where he gained work experience in policy-formulation, decision-making and other peaceful foreign and trade policy initiatives of the democratic system.

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Politics of reform in the Asia-Pacific region

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