Fear Series 1: Fear in a rapidly changing world

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This seminar was recorded at the Australian National University on 15 November 2017. Please do not reproduce without permission.

We have made significant progress as a society toward teaching individuals the craft of managing fear productively. We have been less successful, however, in designing regulatory systems that recognize fear as both an enabler and disabler of behavioural and social change. This panel presented insights on the role of fear in regulation from ANU scholars Professor Valerie Braithwaite, Professor Roderic Broadhurst, Associate Professor Miranda Forsyth and Dr Ibolya Losoncz.

About the speakers

Professor Valerie Braithwaite is an interdisciplinary social scientist with a disciplinary background in psychology. She has taught in social and clinical psychology programs at undergraduate and graduate level, and has held research appointments in gerontology in the NH&MRC Social Psychiatry Research Unit and in the Administration, Compliance and Governability Project in the Research School of Social Sciences at ANU. Currently, Valerie Braithwaite holds a professorial appointment at RegNet where she studies psychological processes in regulation and governance.

Dr Miranda Forsyth is an Associate Professor at RegNet and also a Fellow at SSGM in the College of Asia and Pacific at ANU. Miranda is the author of A Bird that Flies with Two Wings: Kastom and State Justice Systems in Vanuatu (2009) ANU ePress and co-author of Weaving Intellectual Property Policy in Small island Developing States, Intersentia 2015. The broad focus of Miranda’s research is investigating the possibilities and challenges of the inter-operation of state and non-state justice and regulatory systems. She also works on the issue of how best to localize or vernacularize the foreign legal norms and procedures. Miranda also has an on-going interest in broader theoretical questions involved in improving conflict resolution mechanisms in countries with weak states, and also what is involved in the concept of “development” in Pacific Island countries

Dr Ibolya (Ibi) Losoncz is a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at RegNet. Her research focuses on the interplay between individual and institutional elements of integration and their impact on the resettlement trajectories of refugee migrants and their families. It examines how the actions and legitimacy of these institutions can become the site of contestation when concerned primarily with perpetuating their own political, social, and technocratic logics. She published in Journal of Refugee Studies, Child Abuse and Neglect, The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology, Social Alternatives, and Australian Social Policy. Prior to joining RegNet, Ibi has been a senior research analyst at various public service departments and research institutes. Her broader research interest includes: forced migration and settlement, African diaspora, responsive regulation and institutional legitimacy, empirical evaluation, and research design.

Professor Roderic Broadhurst is Professor of Criminology at RegNet. He has worked with a wide variety of criminal justice agencies, in Australia, China and Cambodia and Directs the ANU Cybercrime Observatory. His most recent book co-authored with Thierry and Brigitte Bouhours Violence and the Civilizing Process in Cambodia, published by Cambridge University Press in 2015 traces the history of violence in Cambodia from the mid nineteenth century to the present day.

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