Regulatory Theory: Foundations and Applications cover

Regulatory Theory: Foundations and Applications cover

21st Century Regulation and Governance Challenges

22nd June 2017

On 21 June RegNet hosted around 100 guests at ‘21st Century Regulation and Governance Challenges’.

This event celebrated the launch of RegNet’s new book Regulatory Theory: Foundations and Applications. The book, edited by Prof Peter Drahos, is a collection of deep and broad reflections on all things regulation and governance. Authored by RegNet academics past and present, Regulatory Theory establishes the foundations and applications of the RegNet approach to studying regulation and governance, based on principles of social justice, environmental sustainability and human wellbeing.

Audio podcasts of the symposium speeches are now avaialble here

Symposium The event started with a symposium featuring eminent RegNet scholars. John Braithwaite discussed regulation in terms of when to punish and when to persuade; Valerie Braithwaite explored the psychology of the people being governed – what makes them comply or defy?; Hilary Charlesworth illuminated the challenges of regulating human rights on a global scale; and Sharon Friel discussed the many global actors and their ways of working that enable, and disrupt, the pursuit of global health equity.

Miranda Forsyth explored the expanding applications of restorative approaches to crime and justice; Christian Downie discussed the challenges of global governance in the current political climate, particularly in relation to the global status of the United States and the rise of the BRICS nations; and Anthea Roberts explored the fascinating world of international trade and the role of international tribunals to settle disputes between different nations.

The symposium concluded with former President of Kiribati, Anote Tong. Kiribati is predicted to be one of the first nations to be a major victim of climate change and rising sea levels. President Tong has been a prominent international advocate for climate change regulation and global governance. Anote Tong was announced recently as Ambassador for the Pacific for the Global Challenges Foundation (GCF). In its recent report, Global Catastrophic Risks 2017, GCF discusses ten risks to humanity and how they are governed. They also launched a major initiative calling for new thinking on how global catastrophic risks are managed by the international community: Global Challenges Prize 2017 – A New Shape.

If you couldn’t make it, watch this space for audio podcasts coming soon.

ABC Radio National Big Ideas panel ‘The end of Globalisation? The role for responsive regulation and governance’ Guests were then invited to join the audience for an ABC Radio National recording of ‘Big Ideas’ hosted by Paul Barclay. Barclay put our panel of experts through their paces to answer the question: is this “the end of globalisation?” RegNet’s Peter Drahos, Sharon Friel and Valerie Braithwaite were joined on the panel by former President of Kiribati, Anote Tong, and Mr Allan Asher, Chair of the Foundation for Effective Markets and Governance and former Deputy Chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. Watch this space for details of when the show will air.

Book launch ‘Regulatory Theory: Foundations and Applications’ Last but not least we launched the book itself with speeches from Prof Peter Drahos, the Editor, Prof Michael Wesley, Dean of the College of Asia and the Pacific, and Prof Brian Schmidt AC, the ANU Vice Chancellor.

We also celebrated RegNet’s 15th birthday and the formal launch of the School’s new name. The new name articulates RegNet as an international leader in research and education in regulation and governance, and takes forward the University’s vision by tackling the major policy issues and global challenges of our time.

Regulatory Theory: Foundations and Applications is available for free download or purchase here.

An interactive tool to help you explore the book by particular themes is available here.

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