Sorcery-related violence should be thought of as profoundly modern

3rd May 2021

by Miranda Forsyth

Associate Professor Miranda Forsyth is a leading expert on the topic of Sorcery Accusation Related Violence (SARV) in PNG, and her team of researchers in Australia and PNG have just released some findings from their multi-year study of SARV which help to better understand the phenomenon being reported, as well as correcting some of the many misunderstandings surrounding this form of violence.

In her article for The Guardian, Miranda argues SARV is frequently portrayed as being a “barbaric” practice from “ages past”, but in many ways it is a highly modern phenomenon — social media and communication also facilitate the spread of contagious narratives about sorcery and the justification of use of violence against those accused.

PNG needs leaders who can stand against the inhuman consequences of SARV, and a functioning justice system and education system to produce people willing to respond critically to dangerous narratives.

Read the full article via The Guardian here.

For more about Miranda’s SARV research, visit her project website.

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