Research at RegNet is driven by a commitment to: our values of justice, environmental sustainability and human wellbeing; interdisciplinary expertise; innovative conceptual and analytical approaches to regulation and governance; respectful research practices; and identifying pathways forward to address current and emerging policy and societal challenges.

Our research is designed to help better understand the evolving dynamics of Australia, the wider Asia-Pacific region and globally, and support transformative social change. We serve as both a practical resource and a trusted partner for all who focus on Asia and the Pacific.

Pills and Money Image by Thomas Breher from Pixabay

Intellectual Property Barriers to Sustainable Development

15 March 2019

Intellectual Property (IP) in Australia is defined as ‘the property of your...

Image: Professor Sharon Friel

Pushing forward the global agenda on the social determinants of health

07 September 2018

In 2008 Professor Sharon Friel was in London leading the Scientific Secretariat of the World Health Organisation’s...

Local campaign for domestic violence in the Pacific

Network Power

27 August 2018

After Kurnia Toha was named to head Indonesia’s competition authority in 2018, ANU School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet)...

Vocational education students and teacher

Smarter Regulation

20 July 2018

When ANU School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet) Professor Valerie Braithwaite...

Image credit: International Energy Agency

Turning the Asia Pacific green

10 July 2018

Asia-Pacific countries are expected to add most of the world’s new power plants over the next three decades, leaving open the question of how to persuade them to build as much renewable power as...

Image credit: DRogatnev-Shutterstock

Policing Cyberspace

10 July 2018

Most people envision cybercrime looking like the movies, where slick tech geniuses sit behind keyboards writing elaborate programs to outsmart major computer networks.

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Pushing to add human rights

20 June 2018

When the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government was considering creating its own bill of rights, it chose...

ANU Philippines Project

Engaging the Philippines

15 June 2018

Caught between the rising clout of China and the proximity of Indonesia, the Philippines often gets overlooked.

Image: sorcery accusation related violence survivor by Judith Forsyth

Sorting through the witchcraft myths

15 March 2018

Burning or stabbing people accused of witchcraft conjures up images from hundreds of years ago, yet the practice continues today and is even growing in some remote areas of Papua New Guinea.

Image: Hilary Charlesworth

Designing, evaluating and improving Australia’s first bill of rights

07 March 2018

RegNet and other ANU researchers were at the heart of the development and implementation of a significant legislative innovation for Australia: the adoption of Australia’...


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