Welcome to RegNet!

RegNet postgraduates and staff

Today, we officially welcomed 17 new postgraduate students to the ANU School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet). The afternoon commenced with a delightful lunch gathering, providing a perfect opportunity for our new students to mingle and connect with their fellow peers, academics and staff.

Following this, our postgraduate students embarked on their academic journey with the first course, Regulation and Governance with Dr Maxfield Peterson. This course is designed to help students understand the nature of regulation and governance in complex social environments. It examines the work of leading regulatory scholars and considers how their theoretical insights could be applied in practical settings.

The curriculum explores the application of theoretical insights in practical scenarios, offering case studies from diverse regulatory arenas such as public health, commerce, crime, environmental and climate change, human rights, and development. In the process, students will grapple with the challenges inherent in regulation and governance in a globalising world.

A distinctive feature of the course is the opportunity for students to actively engage with the material through a case study presentation, allowing them to delve into relevant issues and develop critical analytical skills.

We look forward to a rewarding academic journey marked by growth, collaboration, and lasting connections for our postgraduate students here at RegNet.