Dragonfly Thinking wins National AI Sprint

Dragonfly Thinking team
Photo by CSIRO ON Program

Dragonfly Thinking, a complex decision-making navigator, has won Australia’s inaugural AI Sprint program, earning the Australian National University spin-out initiative $300,000 in research and development support from a leading Australian research institution, as well as facilitation services from CSIRO’s SME Connect.

The AI Sprint program is a collaboration between the CSIRO’s National AI Centre, Stone & Chalk and Google Cloud to support rapid development of AI solutions. It was launched to help startups and entrepreneurs develop AI solutions to address pressing national and had over 190 start-ups participating in the early stages of the competitive program.

The team behind Dragonfly thinking includes founder and CEO Professor Anthea Roberts, co-founder and director Professor Miranda Forsyth, AI engineer Nick Lothian, software developer Bernard Duggan and Project Coordinator Aishwarya. Dragonfly Thinking helps users navigate complexity using structured analytic techniques and AI. Through Multi-Lens Analysis and the Risk, Reward and Resilience Framework, Dragonfly Thinking seeks to provide different perspectives, integrate diverse views and make informed predictions for better decision-making that can be applied across various policy, business and organisational domains.

Dragonfly Thinking graduated from the CSIRO’s On Accelerate program in June this year and is currently in the Defence Trailblazer program, culminating in a Canberra Showcase event in late July 2024.