Dragonfly Thinking: Pioneering tech solutions for complex challenges

Anthea and Miranda_RegNet

In a world where problems are increasingly complex and interconnected, Dragonfly Thinking is aiming to make big impacts. Founded by Professors Anthea Roberts and Miranda Forsyth at the ANU School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet), Dragonfly Thinking is pioneering a new frontier in Think Tech—technology to help people think in less siloed and polarized ways when navigating complexity.

Using cutting-edge AI tools, Dragonfly Thinking is harnessing generative AI to apply novel structured analytic techniques to complex policy and business problems. Their advanced tools offer rapid analysis and systemic insights by integrating diverse perspectives into coherent vision, enabling decision-makers to act with greater awareness and foresight. These tools draw on work from multi-year ANU projects on ‘Governing in Complexity’ and ‘Geoeconomics’. This work draws on and innovates with respect to best practices used by intelligence agencies.

To build on its vision, Dragonfly Thinking has received a $30,000 Innovation Connect (ICON) Grant from the Canberra Innovation Network in partnership with the ACT Government. This grant is aimed at fostering the development of Dragonfly Thinking's Think Tech tools.

Additionally, Dragonfly Thinking has been selected to participate in the prestigious CSIRO ON Accelerate 8 program. This structured accelerator initiative is designed to support research teams from universities in validating and developing high-potential innovative ventures.