Congratulations to RegNet's December 2023 graduates!

RegNet December graduates

We take great pride in acknowledging the exceptional achievements of RegNet's graduating students. This year has been extraordinary as we have nine graduating PhD students. This group of scholars has exhibited an unwavering commitment to academic excellence, contributing significantly to the vibrant research environment of our School. Their dedication to advancing knowledge and addressing pressing societal challenges has been nothing short of inspiring, marking a pivotal moment in their academic and professional journeys.

Throughout their time at RegNet, these graduates have showcased remarkable perseverance, intellectual curiosity, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Their research endeavours have delved into diverse areas, ranging from the regulatory regimes for infant feeding to global issues such as climate finance for renewable energy development in Fiji. Their contributions to academic literature and their potential to influence policy and practice stand as a testament to their scholarly prowess and commitment to fostering positive change in our world.

As these exceptional scholars graduate from RegNet, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to each of them. Their accomplishments not only signify personal triumphs but also underscore the RegNet's commitment to nurturing exceptional talent and producing researchers who are poised to make significant contributions to their respective fields. We celebrate their achievements and eagerly anticipate the impact they will continue to make as they embark on the next phase of their professional journeys.

PhD graduates

Kirsty Anantharajah

Climate Finance for Renewable Energy Development in Fiji: Recognising Alternatives Amidst Troubling Solutions

Derek Futaiasi

Networks and Nodes: The Governance of Constituency Development Funds in Gizo/Kolombangara and Baegu/Asifola, Solomon Islands

Yang Gao, Raymond

Digital Regulation Contested: Regulatory Approaches of the US, the EU, and China to Cross-Border Personal Data Transfers

Felicity Gray

'A different kind of weapon'?: Nonviolent action and the protection of civilians in violent conflict

Naing Ko Ko

How can Myanmar effectively regulate corruption in its banking and public finance sectors?

Steven Munns

Violence at Work: Reducing Assault and Abuse Experienced by Frontline Staff in Public Service Roles

Libby Salmon

Sharing human milk in Australia: challenging regulatory regimes for infant feeding

Aderito Soares

Protecting Economic and Social Rights in Post-Conflict Timor-Leste: A Regulatory Approach

Timothy Vines

Securitization as a mechanism in Australia's biosecurity lawmaking and disease response

Coursework graduates

Master of Criminology, Justice and Regulation

Franz Carneiro Alphonso

Graduate Certificate of Regulation and Governance

Jo Haslam

Zoe Jones