‘A critical move in my journey’ – master’s degree launches graduate into governance consultancy career

Master of Regulation and Governance graduate Esther McVicar.
Master of Regulation and Governance graduate Esther McVicar.

Master of Regulation and Governance graduate Esther McVicar encountered complex problems during her time as a former executive director in the Australian Public Service (APS). 

From artificial intelligence to autonomous agents, Esther was working in an industry that was becoming increasingly challenging to navigate.  

“[Before studying my degree] I saw the increasing complexity and requirements within organisations [to navigate multifaceted issues],” Ms McVicar said.  

A rapidly changing world is putting a higher demand on working professionals to develop knowledge and skills to address these problems. Faced with these new and complex technologies in her workplace and thinking of a career shift, Ms McVicar turned to higher education to continue her professional career growth. This led her to pursue the Master of Regulation and Governance at our School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet).    

Her hard work has paid off. Ms McVicar is now a strategic governance and risk consultant working in the private and public sectors. In her current role, she provides expert advice on using technology ethically and responsibly. Esther says the education she recieved during her studies supported her career change and empowered her with the knowledge to make a difference in her chosen field.  

“The Master of Regulation and Governance has been a critical undertaking to move me into this career [in governance consultancy],” she said. 

During her studies, Esther juggled work responsibilities and the demands of her master’s program. Although challenging, she found support at the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific (CAP) to manage her workload.  

“The hybrid nature of all courses was really helpful. I often had shifting priorities and couldn't make it to campus so being able to attend the lecture from work was enormously helpful,” she said.  

Undertaking a master’s degree at CAP grants access to a network of expert academic staff and motivated high-achieving students. The benefit of being surrounded by this network is something Ms McVicar wants to utilise in her future career goals.  

“The cohort I was in had members from the public service, defence service, management consultants, state politicians and the private sector. This network has supported my career change,” she said.  

After her hard work achieving her master’s, Esther is turning her sights towards pursuing a PhD. She hopes this next step in her academic journey will allow her to grow and make a tangible impact in the community through her ideas and research.  

“The master’s program was the critical first step in the journey, in five to ten years I hope I am teaching and doing further research; applying it out in the world where it can improve outcomes for vulnerable people in our societies,” she said.  

The College would like to congratulate Esther on her incredible achievement and wish her all the best with her future professional and academic goals. The mid-year graduation ceremony will take place on Friday, July 12th.