This work will employ the INFORMAS monitoring framework. The framework includes 12 modules that represent aspects of the food environment. Each module consists of an established set of standardized methods for data collection and analysis that can be used to characterize a particular policy domain. When implemented comprehensively, the INFORMAS framework is an accountability framework to ensure that major stakeholders (namely, governments and the food industry) have the policies and supports in place to create actual, sustained change in the food environment. The impetus for INFORMAS is to provide an opportunity for policy comparisons within and between countries over time. The results of this project will represent the first national-level report of food environments in Canada. Using a multi-component framework to analyze the food environment, this study provides a strong set of indicators that can broadly examine the food environment at a macro level and provides a timely evaluation that will support the monitoring and evaluation of exciting national policy changes occurring in Canada as part of the Healthy Eating Strategy.