Fear not, Papa is here

This event is the second part of a four part series: Governance and the power of fear.

Fear is a common currency of authoritarian political power and is being wielded by a growing cadre of international leaders, including Putin, Duterte, Erdoğan and Trump.

There is also the less confronting but just as insidious political sibling of paternalism, which cloaks the denial of political, economic and social agency by disadvantaged peoples in the respectability of ‘meaning well’.

Fear in a rapidly changing world

This event is the first part of a four part series: Governance and the power of fear.

Governance and the power of fear

We have made significant progress as a society toward teaching individuals the craft of managing fear productively. We have been less successful, however, in designing regulatory systems that recognize fear as both an enabler and disabler of behavioural and social change.

This series, taking place over four weeks in Nov-Dec, will bring together regulatory scholars and practitioners to explore the positive and negative manifestations of fear and reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of a range of regulatory and governance approaches.

States and peoples in conflict

This event marks the launch of ‘States and Peoples in Conflict: Transformations of Conflict Studies’, edited by Michael Stohl, Mark Lichbach, and Peter Grabosky.


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