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Artificial islands and territory in international law

Artificial island building activities by States have escalated in recent years: China’s activities in the South China Sea have received international attention. But what status do these newly created islands have? This seminar explores the notion of territory at international law and asks whether a State can create new territory by building an island.

Technology, politics and future challenges for the regulation of outer space

The use of space and space-related technology impacts upon all aspects of our lives. Every country is dependent on space for its ongoing functioning and development.

This dependence on space has given rise to a rapid and exponential expansion of technological development, and humankind is now engaged in a vast (and growing) array of space activities, many of which were not contemplated even a few short years ago.

Chinese and Russian approaches to international law

In 2016, China and Russia issued a Joint Declaration on the Promotion of International Law, which reflects a different understanding to the West on a number of foundational points about the content and scope of international law.

Tensions are also increasingly playing out between China and Russia, acting individually or collectively, and the West across a range of issues, including Responsibility to Protect, Syria, Crimea, the South China Sea, Cyber Security and freedom of navigation in exclusive economic zones.

Strengthening the Rule of Law through the UN Security Council

You are invited to the launch of Strengthening the Rule of Law through the United Nations Security Council. The proposals, authored by Jeremy Farrall and Hilary Charlesworth, were presented to the Security Council in New York on 25 April this year. These were followed by the publication of a book by Routledge. Now the proposals will be formally launched.

Introduction: Dr Alan Ryan, Executive Director or the Australian Civil-Military Centre


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