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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in Australian youth justice: A Western Australian prevalence study

The Telethon Kids Institute has conducted the first Australian study to examine the prevalence of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and other cognitive disorders at Banksia Hill Detention Centre – Western Australia’s only youth detention facility.

Centre for Research Excellence in the Social Determinants of Health Equity: Project update

The social, cultural and economic forces that shape people’s daily living conditions are called the ‘social determinants’ or the ‘causes of the causes’ of health. When these determinants result in an unfair and avoidable distribution of health in society, for example between the rich and poor, between men and women, or between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, they are considered health inequities.

Global Governance for Nutrition and the role of UNSCN

United Nations HQ New York

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Prof Sharon Friel

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Government and community sector reports

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Given the evolving nutrition landscape and the many direct and in-direct nutrition-related agendas that are being pursued by a variety of state and non-state actors at the international, national and sub-national levels, it is timely that, as the ‘strategic nerve centre of the UN’ and the UN committee tasked with setting the direction, scale, coherence and impact of the UN system response to the nutrition problems globally, the UNSCN assesses the state of play in the global nutrition landscape and the governance arrangements therein.

This report comprises the stock-taking’s primary deliverable, and aims to a) describe the public and private actors as well as the networks of actors who impact nutrition agendas globally, and b) to provide recommendations regarding the role of UNSCN within a global governance system, with an emphasis on UN system actors.

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