Philippine update conference


The Philippine Update Conference brings together leading experts to present and discuss a range of topics in relation to the Philippines. The Update includes presentations on current political and economic developments in the Philippines as well as in-depth analyses of various topics grouped around a central conference theme. The Conference aims to build closer academic, research and policy linkages between Australia and the Philippines, and generate influential and important dialogues within a scholarly and professional forum.

Upcoming Philippine update conference

Philippine update conference 2018: Contesting the Philippines

This 2018 Update aims to chart some of the national, regional and international policy challenges confronting the Philippines and what its constitutional, legal, business and security pathways are likely to look like in the coming years.

More information can be found on the Philippine update conference 2018 website

Past Philippine update conferences

Philippine update conference 2016: Sustaining the momentum for change beyond 2016

The conference examined whether the Philippines could sustain this growth and propel the country towards robust and inclusive economic growth? Will the change in leadership result in new policy directions that can affect governance reforms on accountability and transparency? How will the new leadership manage climate-induced disasters? How will the new administration address decades-long conflict in Mindanao and the communist insurgency? What will be the strategy in dealing with the claims on the South China Sea?

Philippine update conference 2012: Peace prospects and development challenges in Mindanao

The conference brought together leading experts in Philippine politics, economics, conflict resolution and development around a thematic focus on “Peace prospects and development challenges in Mindanao”. The conference features four panels on national political developments, national economic developments, peace prospects in Mindanao, and development challenges in Mindanao.

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