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United Nations documents


UNSC presidential statements

S/PRST/2010/11 (29 June 2010) The promotion and strengthening of the rule of law in the maintenance of international peace and security. (PDF 118 KB)


UNSC resolutions

S/RES/1820 (19 June 2008) Women and peace and security. (PDF 40 KB).


Other UN documents

A/67/775–S/2013/110 (5 March 2013) Human rights due diligence policy on United Nations support to non-United Nations security forces. (PDF 51.52 KB)


Other sources


Devereux, Annemarie, "Selective universality? Human-rights accountability of the UN in post-conflict operations", in Brett Bowden, Hilary Charlesworth & Jeremy Farrall (eds), The role of international law in rebuilding societies after conflict: Great expectations (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009), pp 198-217.


Journals and articles

Cockayne, James & David Malone, "The UN Security Council: Ten lessons from Iraq on regulation and accountability" (2006) 2(2) Journal of International Law & International Relations 1-24.

Jain, Neha, "A separate law for peacekeepers: The clash between the Security Council and the International Criminal Court' (2005) 16(2) European Journal of International Law 239-254.

Messineo, Francesco, "The House of Lords in Al-Jedda and public international law: Attribution of conduct to UN-authorized forces and the power of the Security Council to displace human rights" (2009) vol LVI Netherlands International Law Review 35-62.

Yordan, Carlos L, "Why did the UN Security Council support the anglo-American project to transform postwar Iraq? The evolution of international law in the shadow of the American hegemon" (2007) 3(1) Journal of International Law and International Relations 61-94.



Security Council Report, Cross-Cutting Report No.3: Rule of Law (28 October 2011).(PDF 5.1 MB)

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