WP 65 - "Thoughts, feelings, action": Survey of Victorian managers of major hazard facilities

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Haines, Fiona
Platania Phung, Chris

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Working paper

Peer Reviewed Publication: Haines, Fiona and Platania-Phung, Chris. (February 2010). “Thoughts, feelings, action: survey of Victorian managers of major hazard facilities”, 26 Journal of Health, Safety and Environment 1, 47-62.

This paper reports on a survey of Victorian Major Hazard Facility managers as a follow up to earlier comparative case study research of regulation encompassing MHF, counterterrorism and financial regulation. The case study research suggested that the Victorian MHF safety case regime could be viewed as a ‘best case scenario’ amongst the three regulatory regimes studied. The results of the survey support this positive assessment of the Victorian safety case regime and the critical role played by the regulator independently from the regulations they are charged to administer. The survey also provides an important window into understanding what assists in compliance with safety case requirements and the way managers’ deal with business pressures and competing regulatory demands that may threaten safety levels at their respective sites.

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Haines, Fiona, 2009, WP 65 - “Thoughts, feelings, action”: Survey of Victorian managers of major hazard facilities, National Research Centre for OHS Regulation, Canberra

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