Regulation at Work - Volume 6 Issue 1

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National Research Centre for OHS Regulation

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This is the nineteenth edition of the Centre’s Newsletter which is produced as part of its mission to monitor and report on developments in OHS regulation. This edition includes the regular updates on OHS regulatory developments, important new research and reports, and significant recent cases.The Feature article in this edition of the Newsletter draws on Centre working paper number 52, titled Organisational Restructuring/Downsizing, OHS Regulation, and Worker Health and Wellbeing, by OHS Regulation Research Consortium member Professor Michael Quinlan of the University of New South Wales. The article and working paper discuss the adverse effects on worker health, safety and well- being of downsizing and related forms of organisational restructuring. These OHS consequences are considered in the context of Australian OHS legislation which imposes obligations on employers to ensure OHS, including minimising adverse OHS impacts arising from changes at the workplace. The article and working paper also discuss the responses of OHS regulators, employers and unions to the OHS aspects of restructuring and downsizing.

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National Research Centre for OHS Regulation, 2007, Regulation at Work - Volume 6 Issue 1, National Research Centre for OHS Regulation, Canberra

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