Work Health and Safety Law and Policy

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Work Health and Safety Law and Policy explains and analyses the law that regulates work health and safety in Australia. The book focuses on the role that legal regulation plays in preventing work-related injury and disease and, in particular, the harmonised work health and safety legislation based on a national Model Work Health and Safety Bill 2011, Model Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011 and a series of model codes of practice. This book outlines the provisions of the model Bill, regulations and codes of practice, and discusses the court decisions that are likely to help interpret those provisions. While focusing on the law relating to the prevention of work-related injury and illness, the book also includes chapters on the role of law in compensating and rehabilitating workers with work-related injuries and disease. The book considers these legal principles in their many contexts – historical, social, political and economic. This approach supports an understanding of the subject as an evolving regulatory response to complex social processes and policy concerns, rather than as a fixed set of rules.

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Bluff, 2012, Work Health and Safety Law and Policy, Thomson Reuters, Sydney

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