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Building resilience, avoiding victimisation project

The young people who took part in the Life at School Project are followed up in this study by Jacqueline Homel to find out how they have learnt to deal with victimisation and be resilient.

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Bullying, shame, pride and defiance book project

This book examines the connections between disassociation from collective hopes, social norms and major institutions, poor shame and pride management skills and unethical or anti-social behavior.

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Community capacity building in child protection

Safety for children can be improved and care capacity in the child’s local community can be more effectively harnessed through a responsive regulatory approach.


Cross-national school behavior research project

This project was an international study (across Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, Israel, Italy, and South Africa) addressing bystander behavior, specifically how bystanders can be empowered so t

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Regulation and social capital

Why do we often waver in our trust in regulatory systems and how do we establish respectful relations with communities and improve regulatory effectiveness.

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Teachers' perspective on bullying project

This study explores the shame management capacities that teachers need to have in order to be leaders in the development of a safe school anti-bullying culture.

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The Canberra bullying and life at school project (1996-1999)

This project tracked children who bullied others, and were the victims of bullying, and provides insight into their thoughts and actions over a three-year period.

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The reintegrative shaming experiment (RISE) and shaming in institutional settings

This project examines the relationship between shame and guilt and how the social process of shaming interacts with institutional settings and personal characteristics to produce shame/guilt feelings.

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The shame and pride management project: Family, school and workplace conflict in Bangladesh

The Bengali version of the modified ‘Life at School Survey’ (Ahmed, 1996) was administered in nine schools in Bangladesh to children in grades seven to ten.

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Trust, hope and democratic governance project

This project examines the role of trust and hope in governance. The central hypothesis is that trust and hope build social capacity and enable cooperation.

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