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#funpolice: what do social media responses to the Australian ‘lockout laws’ tell us about trust and support for public health regulation?

In 2016, two years after new alcohol control legislation (i.e. the lockout laws) went into effect in New South Wales, 70% of voters supported the legislation – by 2018 this declined to 48%.

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Addressing complexity in prevention research using systems approaches: systems case studies.

Using diverse case studies from Australia, this project will explore what and how systems approaches are being used in prevention research to address complexity and create real world change.

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Diet and chronic disease prevention: supporting implementation of priority actions in the food and nutrition system

This project examines the basic architectures of regulation and governance related to diet-related NCDs in four policy domains – food composition, food labelling, food taxation and food marketing rest

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Discursive frames in food marketing policy

The aim of this research project is to examine the frames and underlying discourses that shape the classification of food in existing government and industry food marketing policies globally.

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Disruption in the Public Interest

Even before Covid-19, climate change, inequality and poor health outcomes related to non-communicable diseases shone a light on major ruptures evident within society – in Australia, across the Asia Pa

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Evaluating the governance of regional trade agreements in the Asia Pacific for health equity

As regional trade agreements in the Asia and Pacific have expanded into domestic regulatory space, their potential impacts on health have intensified.

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Governing harmful commodities: the case of ultra-processed foods

This ARC Discovery Project (2019-2022) aims to generate new knowledge on how to effect the development and implementation of multisectoral public policy to reduce the supply and consumption of ultra-p

NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in the Social Determinants of Health Equity

Many Australians will live shorter lives than others not because of their genetics or the lifestyle choices they make but rather because of the conditions in which they live and the opportunities they

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Regulation and Governance of Health and Safety at Work

This research is concerned with business conduct for work health and safety (WHS), and the diverse factors shaping this.


ARC Discover Project, Trade policy: maximising benefits for nutrition, food security, human health, and the economy

This ARC Discovery Project (2013-2015) will develop a systems-based conceptual framework for assessing the wider societal impacts of free trade agreements.


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