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Building a green economy? The politics of green infrastructure stimulus in the wake of the global financial crisis

For many, the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) presented a unique historical opportunity to tackle major environmental and economic challenges simultaneously.

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Energy governance, energy security and climate change: Towards a low carbon economy

The current patchwork of policy frameworks for energy fall far short of what is needed to transition to a low carbon economy.

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The voluntary environmental governance project

The voluntary environmental governance project investigates an emerging trend of governance arrangements that aim to improve their participants’ environmental performance without the traditional force


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A Ponzi scheme on the environment? Failures of fiduciary duty and the challenges of climate governance

The business practices of our current generation have been likened to a giant ‘Ponzi scheme’ on the environment.

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Biodiversity, traditional knowledge and intellectual property

Australia is classified as a mega-diverse country, but one that is delicately balanced ecologically.

Collaborative environmental governance and natural resource management

A fundamental rethinking is currently under way internationally as to how to deal with so called 'wicked' problems which seem of such a scale and complexity as to defy solution.

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Collaborative governance for urban sustainability and resilience

There is a pressing need to improve the resource sustainability of cities and their resilience to hazards.

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Domestic politics and the international climate negotiations: A dynamic relationship

International multilateral negotiations are becoming longer and more complex.While the concept of a 'two level game' can be used to understand when and how domestic politics and internationa


Exploring the parameters of systemic risk through the climate crisis and financial meltdown

Risks to financial and climate stability can be analysed independently yet also understood as tightly related.

Increasing co-operation on climate change governance

This research project examines how individual states and key actors within them, international institutions and key non-state actors, perceive the challenges for climate change governance and their ne


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